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Back to School Book Bundle!

Save money with our Back to School Book Bundle! Wow! What an amazing deal! We have NINE fantastic, diverse Tiny Owl titles for only £40! It’s a great way to save £43.92! Covering a complete variety of Tiny Owl books from wordless picture books, to Tales by Rumi, to our recent anthology during the pandemic, our selected book by Empathy Lab, to poetry, and to the educational! Including: Felix After the Rain (paperback) Unlocked: Stories…


A clever, witty picture book with extra dimensions

Buy The Lion Tattoo  Read a wonderful review of The Lion Tattoo by Anne Harding, written for The School Librarian, the journal of the School Library Association. They recommend the book for readers aged 12-16. A stylish and self-assured young man decides he needs a tattoo, a tattoo of a lion. He presents the tattoo artist with a picture and she sets to work on his shoulder. But before long he’s in terrible pain. Asking her what she’s doing,…