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Tiny Owl’s diverse books are a fantastic resource for schools – Laura Davies

Laura Davies tells us why she’s such a fan of Tiny Owl Books Translated children’s books are an important part of diverse literature, exposing children (and grown-ups) to a world of untold stories. Laura Davies explores the value of children’s literature in translation in Outside in World, looking specifically at Tiny Owl books. She gives her thoughts on why she loves Tiny Owl, and reviews some of our books with suggestions on how to use them in…


Chalk Eagle has real value in the classroom – Laura Davies

An article from Laura Davies, an educational consultant  Buy Chalk Eagle  Wordless picture books have a real value in the classroom, opening up opportunities for development in literacy and communication in a way that can be far more inclusive than written text. Wordless picture books hold infinite stories within them and are open to individual interpretation with no limits on imaginative retellings. They are accessible at all reading levels and yet, within an educational setting, lessons…