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Coming soon: Cinderella of the Nile!

Pre-order Cinderella of the Nile   Nothing beats a good old fashioned fairy tale, Except, perhaps, a beloved fairy tale beautifully retold for the modern-day reader. Cinderella of the Nile, the earliest known-version of the Cinderella story, tells the tale of Rhodopis, a Greek girl who is sold into slavery by bandits and taken to Egypt. Along the way she becomes friends with the storyteller Aesop and a host of playful animals. But her happiness is spoilt…

The New Baby and Me

My family is a little unusual

Nicky*, a donor mum, offers insight into her parenting journey Buy The New Baby and Me  We’ve been inviting parents to share their experience introducing a new baby into the family. Nicky, a midwife and mother to two, sent in her own slightly unusual but completely wonderful story over Facebook. Read it below: My family is a little unusual. I am a single parent, and my second child was conceived using a donor. So, I suppose…


Win a book for World Book Night!

By Meghan Sullivan Buy The Clever Mouse  When I was younger the best part of my day was when I could clamber into bed and read. Whether it was listening to my mum tell me stories she had made-up on the spot, or reading fantastic tales of magical schools, I would never want the stories to end. Those early days ignited my love of reading. So, it’s fantastic that the 23rd April is World Book Night:…


Books to save the mother earth

Buy Alive Again Buy The Orange House   By Meghan Sullivan Happy Earth Day! The day before it I went out for a walk and saw all the blossom on the trees. It reminded me that nature is so wonderful, and so vital for our lives. What would we do without the honey from the bees, or the wheat from the fields? But as cars whizzed by, I was also reminded that the way we live hurts nature.…


Happy World Innovation and Creativity Day!

Buy When I Coloured in the World  Buy Chalk Eagle  The 21st April is World Creativity and Innovation Day. For parents and teachers this is a great opportunity to encourage children to innovate and think creatively. Children are naturally very creative. If you’ve ever seen a toddler attempting to get somewhere, you will know that they are not often stopped by obstacles, choosing to climb over them instead. Innovation and creativity are skills which are very important…