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Featured in Chicken Newspaper: When I Coloured in the World

Tiny Owl is pleased to be featured within the pages of Chicken! Newspaper. It is an innovative resource offering realistic views on current events for children. The cover of Issue 8 is an illustration from one of Tiny Owl’s publications. When I Coloured in the World is a perfect fit for this edition of Chicken! as the book’s theme of how positivity can change the world is reflected throughout this issue. Issue 8 focuses on Earth,…


A poem of innocence and simple wisdom

When I Coloured In the World Author: Ahmadreza Ahmadi Illustrator: Ehsan Abdollahi Age: 4+ Key Stage 1 You can now buy When I Coloured In the World in paperback! Originally published in hardback, it was selected as one of the best children’s books of 2015 by the Guardian and was described by the artist/illustrator Jackie Morris as ‘unexpected … deep, layered, beautiful’. The author, Ahmadreza Ahmadi, is renowned in Iran and beyond for his ability both to explore the…