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Bloom is featured in JUNO magazine!

Buy Bloom  We’re over the moon that Bloom has been featured in JUNO magazine! Read a snippet of their review below. You’ll have to buy their fantastic summer issue to read it all! A little girl enjoys talking to a big, beautiful flower on her way to school, until the man whose garden it grows in shouts at her […] The man wonders what her magic words were, and he sets off to find her…


Thinker: a really fun exploration of poetry

Buy Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me Read a wonderful review of Thinker from Juno Magazine: Thinker is a new puppy who, when he creates a poem, says the words rather than barks. He loves that his family are accepting of this, but they worry he might embarrass Jace if he reveals his talents to others. In the end, on Pet’s Day, Thinker is allowed to go to school with Jace and can’t resist speaking poetry, but everyone…