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Adults and little ones will relish Grobblechops! – Jill Bennett

Buy Grobblechops Educational consultant Jill Bennett wrote a fab review of Grobblechops for her blog Red Reading Hub! Read it below! Many young children imagine monsters under the bed and sometimes use their fear of same as a tactic to delay bedtime. In this story based on a Rumi tale it appears that young Amir is genuinely scared in case there’s something lurking in the darkness of his bedroom – a terrible huge-toothed, hungry something…


‘We need Tiny Owl!’ – author and illustrator Mike Henson

We were so lucky to have the fab author and illustrator Mike Henson visit us in the Tiny Owl nest! He wrote his thoughts on his visit – read them below! What a wonderful treat. Welcomed into the inner sanctum of the tiny Tiny Owl office and plied with tea and a sneak peak at some of their lush forthcoming picture books. This definitely doesn’t feel like “straight to business”. More of a meandering conversation…