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Discover fun The Neighbourhood Surprise activities!

Discover fun activities! Buy The Neighbourhood Surprise The Neighbourhood Surprise is an inclusive tale of a community coming together to celebrate one of their own. Sarah van Dongen’s delightful story introduces children to different kinds of diets – such as being vegetarian or vegan – and includes facts about these lifestyles. Download a complete activity pack here.     Visit our bookstore Download book posters Limited edition prints Subscribe to Tiny Owl on YouTube!


Adults can learn a lot from children! – author Anne Booth

Read an interview with Anne Booth, author of Bloom! Buy Bloom  We were lucky enough to get a quick interview with the wonderful Anne Booth, author of our book Bloom! Here’s what she had to say about her beautiful, heartwarming story. Tell us a little bit about Bloom. ‘Bloom’ is a story about someone who won’t share something lovely , even though he has never really noticed and appreciated it himself. It’s about how someone…