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Tiny Owl books are refreshing and lovely!- Jane Ray

An interview with illustrator and children’s author Jane Ray Visit our bookstore We like Jane Ray and she likes Tiny Owl books! She says “Tiny Owl books are wonderful! They’re so diverse, the illustrations are unusual and the colour schemes are just beautiful. I feel that what I’ve seen at Tiny Owl has its own energy, and is refreshing and lovely!” She’s one of a kind. Jane popped into our office on a hot muggy day in…

The New Baby and Me

Young at heart: an interview with Hoda Haddadi

Hoda Haddadi is a creative illustrator still young at heart. Her work has been published internationally, receiving numerous awards from Iran to Japan. I still haven’t grown up that much. Although, I’ve aged, my desires, the things I love, my thoughts and dreams are very close to my childhood. Many of them are as real as they used to be in those days. Hoda has a wonderfully unique collage approach, using organic material, cloth and a range of…