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Will and Nill is purr-fect to celebrate International Cat Day!

Buy Will and Nill  Cats are wonderful creatures! Some of them can be loving, affectionate and cuddly! Of course they can also be lazy and grumpy sometimes, and always seem to decide to nap on your laptop just as you start feeling productive, but we love them all the same (probably because we know that we can all be lazy and grumpy sometimes!) Everyone loves cats, with their images and videos filling up the internet and…

The Little Black Fish

Immortal courage of The Little Black Fish

Celebrating 50 years of this classic children’s story with a reflection on the messages it shares Buy The Little Black Fish There are so many stories of adventure. Children’s books paint the image of a world ready to be explored, and Samad Behrangi’s The Little Black Fish is no exception. It tells the story of a brave little fish who is full of big questions, and is determined to find his answers and follow his…


An exciting day of children’s art and singing

Buy The Parrot and the Merchant (hardback, paperback) Buy When I Coloured In the World (hardback, paperback) Tiny Owl had a fantastic children’s reading event last year, featuring two of our titles: When I Coloured In the World and The Parrot and the Merchant. Tania Khostajeh and Caroline Chan read the stories, led singalongs and ran an arts and crafts activity where children could ‘colour your world’. Children chose something sad in the world, and…


Wordless books like Little Eli foster children’s creativity!

What stories will your child tell? By Alice Ahearn* What do you remember the most about your favourite picture book? If you’re anything like us, the best bits were always the illustrations – pictures that you could get lost in, interpret and re-interpret, tell a new story about every time you looked at them. When my brother was a toddler, one of his favourite bedtime books was an illustrated alphabet: a book with no story…


Will and Nill remind me of my favourite cats

By Lindsey Jones* I have owned too many pets to count; among them have been goldfish I brought home from fairs, betta fish and a boatload of cats. Of all the pets I have owned, cats have been my favorite. They all have their own distinct personalities and my favorites by far have been Winston Churchill and Phoebe. Phoebe is a quiet, laid-back cat who refuses to be touched by anyone but me. She sleeps…