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Paris Cat has so much potential for learning and discovery! – Scope for Imagination

History comes to life in Paris Cat! Buy Paris Cat  We’re over the moon with this glowing review of Paris Cat from Scope for Imagination! Read the review below. 1920’s Paris and a bold, adventurous cat who believes in herself from the tip of her tail to the ends of her whiskers makes for a wonderful combination! Cat starts life as a Paris alley cat – nothing special, nothing important but she has a dream.…


Step back in time with sassy snazzy Paris Cat!

The PURRfect escape this autumn! Buy Paris Cat Have you heard about our snazzy new book Paris Cat? From dynamic duo Dianne Hofmeyr and Piet Grobler, Paris Cat tells the story of Kitty’s adventures through the streets of Paris, looking for somewhere to belong. On her travels, she meets Edith Piaf and even performs with Josephine Baker! But is the spotlight really what she wants? Watch: Twit Twoo! Dive in to our superb summer books!…