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Make your own Grobblechops mask for Halloween!

Buy Grobblechops  Download our free Grobblechops mask template and get creative this Halloween! It is very important that children are accompanied by an adult during this activity, especially when using scissors.  Step 1: After printing out your mask template, you should have four sheets. Using scissors, cut out the face template. You can trim it to fit your face, if needed. Don’t forget to cut out holes for the eyes! Step 2: Cut out the…


Twit Twoo! Happy Halloween from Grobblechops!

It’s a Grobblechops spook-tacular this week! Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare… Buy Grobblechops Written by award-winning author Elizabeth Laird, Grobblechops tells the story of Amir who is frightened of the monster under his bed. What if it has huge teeth and growls like a lion? What if it tries to eat him up? With striking illustrations from Jenny Lucander, this story is a fang-tastic read for Halloween! Last week we launched our Twitter giveaway,…


Design your own monster under the bed!

Let’s make Halloween special and inspire creativity! Buy Grobblechops As Halloween draws closer and half term is upon us, we’ve put together this free, downloadable Grobblechops inspired activity sheet for parents and librarians, to help inspire all the little budding illustrators out there! While using pencils and pens can be a great way for children to begin designing their monster, it can be exciting to explore and experiment with different art materials you might have lying around.…