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Is there really a monster under the bed?!

Our upcoming book Grobblechops is a tale of a monster under the bed with a twist. We took a look at why these stories are so popular. Pre-order Grobblechops If you’ve ever tucked a child into bed at night, you know the thing most likely to keep them (and you) from sleeping soundly. The Monster Under the Bed. You may have had the same fear yourself when you were a child. But why is terror…


Grobblechops! A new book in our Tales by Rumi series

Pre-order Grobblechops Happy Halloween! We’ve been giving hints about our upcoming book on Twitter, revealing the cover one section at a time… And here it is! Amir’s worried about the monster under the bed! What if it has huge teeth and growls like a lion? What if it tries to eat him up? And what if the monster has a mum and dad too? But Dad reassures Amir that if the monster family comes to…