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Smallest act of kindness can set a friendship in motion

Happy World Friendship Day!  By Simran Divatia I remember when I first met my best friend, I knew her just as well as any of my other co-workers. This all changed when one day,  out of the blue, she handed me a cup of my favourite coffee. It was a little moment of random kindness that I had never expected or asked for, but she did it all the same. The next time we had…


A story that inspires discussion and debate

Buy The Orange House   Read a wonderful review of The Orange House by Chitra Soundar for An Awfully Big Blog adventure: When I first came across The Orange House, it struck a chord in me. I live in a regenerated part of London and often walk the streets, looking for old houses or plaques that tell me what stood there years ago. I also lived in Singapore where many of the old neighbourhoods were converted…