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Librarian Miss Cleveland reads Under the Great Plum Tree!

Buy Under the Great Plum Tree – Order now, pay later As part of our Fly with Tiny Owl series, we’ve gathered a range of read along and how-to videos from our fabulous authors and illustrators so that you can keep those little ones entertained. With school, library, and bookshop closures, and the inevitable challenges facing the whole community over the next few months, we want to make it as easy as possible for families stuck…


Under the Great Plum Tree is a gorgeously reimagined story!

Under the Great Plum Tree has clear Persian and Mughal influences! Buy Under the Great Plum Tree We’re delighted with this wonderful Instagram review of Under the Great Plum Tree from author Mathangi Subramanian! Have a look! View this post on Instagram Happy #asianamericanpacificislanderheritagemonth! I recently got an assignment to write an early reader of #Hindu #FolkTales, and the experience was…murdery. So many of our ancient tales are brutal. That's why I so appreciate #UnderTheGreatPlumTree,…


Tiny Owl books celebrate the diverse and colourful world we live in! 

Our publisher talks to Lovemybooks! Buy from One Story, Many Voices series Our publisher, Delaram Ghanimifard, spoke to Lovemybooks about the importance of preserving fairy tales and folk tales! Read what she had to say below! We asked Tiny Owl publisher Delaram Ghanimifard her aims with this series, she said: ‘We at Tiny Owl build bridges between cultures and with ‘One Story, Many Voices’ series we wanted to create a series that paid homage to our…