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A Bottle of Happiness

A Bottle of Happiness UK only £12.99 £9.99 (hardback)   £7.99 £5.99 (paperback) PRODUCT INFO A Bottle of Happiness is a modern-day fable celebrating the value of friendship over possessions. A new fable that goes full circle as it explores the value of possessions against values of friendship and fun. There was once a big mountain. The people on one side were rich and worked only in order to get even richer. The people on the other…


The Parrot and the Merchant teaches about true love

Read A fantastic review by one of the fans of The Parrot and the Merchant: Written by; Tania Khojasteh The Parrot and the Merchant is a famous fable of true love and freedom written by thirteenth century Persian poet and philosopher, Mowlana Rumi, which has lived in the hearts and minds of Persians of all ages for centuries. Tiny Owl has now brought this wise and worldly love story to children and adults of the English…