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The Little Black Fish

A powerful and remarkable story

Buy The Little Black Fish   Read a wonderful review of The Little Black Fish by Jo Bowers for the English Association: This is a powerful and remarkable story that is a short story within a picture book. Little Black Fish decides to swim out of the pool that all his other fellow fish swim around in day in, day out, too scared to do anything other than their set routine. They try to scare…


Vibrant illustrations echoing the richness of the language

Read a wonderful review of Bijan and Manije by Pam Dowson for the English Association: This could be one of the oldest stories you have ever read! It is a retelling of a traditional, originally oral, Persian (now Iranian) tale, dating from the 10th century when this and other stories were collected into The Book of Kings. Set in a time when the kingdom of Iran was at war with its neighbour Turan, with two…


We are about a peaceful diverse society

An illuminating interview with Tiny Owl’s publisher   Read a wonderful interview with Delaram Ghanimifard, co-founder of Tiny Owl, by fab Jo Bowers for the English Association’s English 4 – 11 magazine.   Tiny Owl is an independent book publisher of picture books that support a peaceful and diverse society. They are currently working on a project called Intercultural Bridge, pairing authors and illustrators from different countries. Jo Bowers recently interviewed them to find out…