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Felix embraces the world, and the world embraces him – Anastasia Suen

Felix wakes up uplifted, free and with a heart full of joy! Buy Felix After the Rain We’re delighted with this great review of Felix After the Rain from author and #kidlit blogger Anastasia Suen! A young man called Felix hides all of his sorrow inside a large black suitcase that he carries with him wherever he goes. One day, a small boy opens the suitcase whilst Felix is sleeping. Felix wakes and the tears…


Returning to School – Books for Topics recommends two Tiny Owl books 

Emotional Reading – Books for Topics recommends some useful titles! Buy Grobblechops  Buy When I Coloured in the World Schools reopening is an important event in this lockdown. With the easing of rules and the slow return to normal life, children will have many conflicting feelings about the upcoming changes. The fabulous Books for Topics has compiled a list of books highlighting different emotions the reopening may evoke in children. Tiny Owl are lucky enough to…


School children explore Felix After the Rain through brilliant art!

Supporting Emotional Literacy through ‘Felix After the Rain’ Buy Felix After the Rain  We were absolutely over the moon when the wonderful Danielle got in touch with us about the art her brilliant class had produced after reading Felix After the Rain! Danielle Jarman is a teacher at Elizabeth Woodville Primary School in Leicestershire. She was kind enough to write about her experience of using books like Felix After the Rain as tool to support…