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DrawAlong with Dunja Jogan for Edinburgh Book Festival!

DrawAlong with Felix After the Rain creator Dunja Jogan! Buy Felix After the Rain Don’t miss out on Dunja Jogan’s beautiful DrawAlong event with Edinburgh International Book Festival on Sunday 30th August at 9.30am! Get creative as Dunja shows you how to create a dramatic scene from her gorgeous uplifting book Felix After the Rain. As Dunja says “You are the artist – have fun!” It is being streamed via Facebook. Check it out here.…


Public outcry and support for illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi

This beautiful illustration is Iranian illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi’s response to the frustrating delay in the process of obtaining his visa, so that he can attend this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. Ehsan has been named illustrator in residence for the event, and despite providing all of the required documentation and information, has yet to have his application for a visitor’s visa approved. His illustration here is a self-portrait, similar to his illustration for The Freedom…


Frustrating uncertainty about visas for Edinburgh Festival – The Bookseller

Tiny Owl illustrators still awaiting visas for Edinburgh International Book Festival  “We don’t know why issuing visas for our fab illustrators is taking longer than usual. It is so important that politics doesn’t shade our cultural landscape. Children at Edinburgh Book Festival are looking forward to seeing their favourite illustrators Ehsan Abdollahi and Marjan Vafaeian.” This was a tweet from Tiny Owl this morning. The festival starts shortly and it’s really disappointing that our illustrators are…