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Design your own monster under the bed!

Let’s make Halloween special and inspire creativity! Buy Grobblechops As Halloween draws closer and half term is upon us, we’ve put together this free, downloadable Grobblechops inspired activity sheet for parents and librarians, to help inspire all the little budding illustrators out there! While using pencils and pens can be a great way for children to begin designing their monster, it can be exciting to explore and experiment with different art materials you might have lying around.…


Tiny Owl books promote diversity and inclusiveness! – Matthew Courtney

Visit our bookstore We are pleased and proud that teacher Matthew Courtney, author of the Read Teach Learn Think blog, has suggested our books to educators in order to promote diversity and inclusiveness! Tiny Owl believes that all children should be able to see themselves reflected in the books that they read! In July 2018, CLPE published a report, Reflecting Realities, which showed that the representation of diversity within children’s books was incredibly poor. Only 4%…