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Build your own snowman!

Design your own snowman Buy The Snowman and the Sun If you’re not able to build your own snowman outside, fear not, we’ve got a fun activity to enjoy indoors instead! Using natural objects you might have spotted or collected on your daily walks, why not design an impressive outfit for your snowman friend? Perhaps twigs for arms or stones for buttons… Download a template here Read a review: The Snowman and the Sun is BookTrust’s BOOK…


43. Make a Japanese box toy with Hazel Terry!

Join Hazel for this fab activity! Visit our bookstore As part of our Fly with Tiny Owl series, we’ve gathered a range of read along and how-to videos from our fabulous authors and illustrators so that you can keep those little ones entertained. With school, library, and bookshop closures, and the inevitable challenges facing the whole community over the next few months, we want to make it as easy as possible for families stuck at home. Let’s…