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A fantastic piece of work by North Ormesby Primary Academy!

Congratulations to the children at North Ormesby Primary Academy! Last week, we were delighted to hear that Year 5 and 6 children had been inspired by our best-selling title When I Coloured in the World by Ahmadreza Ahmadi. They had shared their amazing art display on Twitter so we got in touch to find out more about it. Craig Nicholson (Vice Principal) tells us more: We came across the book back in October, through social media, and posted a link to…


The Little Black Fish – now out in paperback!

Our best-selling title The Little Black Fish, illustrated by Hans Christian Andersen Award winner Farshid Mesghali, will be out in paperback at the end of this month! Selected by the Guardian as one of the best books of the year in 2015, it’s a beautiful book about freedom, self–determination, courage and power. It’s about a little fish swimming against the tide… A wise fish begins with telling the tale to her 12,000 grandchildren. She speaks of…


The Parrot and the Merchant teaches about true love

Read A fantastic review by one of the fans of The Parrot and the Merchant: Written by; Tania Khojasteh The Parrot and the Merchant is a famous fable of true love and freedom written by thirteenth century Persian poet and philosopher, Mowlana Rumi, which has lived in the hearts and minds of Persians of all ages for centuries. Tiny Owl has now brought this wise and worldly love story to children and adults of the English…