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Cinderella of the Nile among best empathy books

Buy Cinderella of the Nile  It was wonderful to see Cinderella of the Nile included in a list of ’10 picture books that promote empathy’ by the awesome children’s blogger Mamma Filz. She posted the list to celebrate Empathy Day, an annual day created by Empathy Lab UK which aims to acknowledge the ways we can use books to help children build empathy skills. On the list of books selected for the Read for Empathy Guide was Tiny…

The New Baby and Me

Children’s aspirations should not be limited by their gender

Buy The New Baby and Me! Read a wonderful review of The New Baby and Me! by Jill Bennett:   Five brothers speculate upon the arrival of their new baby brother. Each of them puts forward his idea as to what the infant will be like, bestowing on it a characteristic similar to his own so they can share adventures. The first sees them as fellow explorers discovering new lands and rare creatures. The second gives…


Thinker dances with rhythm and meaning – Books for Keeps

Buy Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me  Here is a lovely review of Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me by Books for Keeps In this unusual picture book, we meet Thinker, a small black and white dog who belongs to Jace. Both are members of a black family consisting of mum, dad, and sister Kimmy, but what makes this book of poems so unusual is that Thinker can talk, but his talking only consists of reciting his own…


Chalk Eagle engages children in an imaginative journey

A review of Chalk Eagle by Jenny Duke an ex teacher and literary consultant  Buy Chalk Eagle  I am loving Chalk Eagle. What an inspiring opportunity to read without words. For all ages to respond and develop their own stories, maybe aloud, or maybe silently in their heads. When reading Chalk Eagle lots of questions come to mind. “What can you see?” “What’s happening?” “What are they doing?” ” What you do you think they are thinking?” “What…