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Diverse stories are vital for a more empathetic and caring future – Sita Bramachari

Tiny Owl’s campaign for more visibility for diverse books continues!   Children from BAME backgrounds aren’t seeing themselves reflected in the books they read. We launched our campaign Diversity Now! to try and change this. So far we’ve had fantastic responses from people like author Elizabeth Laird and illustrator Jackie Morris. This week we spoke to author Sita Brahmachari and teacher Jon Biddle! We asked them: “32% of school children are BAME, but according to…


Caged is a mini masterpiece!

Buy Caged Literacy magazine English 4-11 have written a fantastic review of our wordless picture book Caged by Duncan Annand. Read it below! Many of us feel we could write a children’s book. And a picture book would be an easy start, right? Some of the artists amongst us might even decide to produce a wordless picture book — even easier, right? Wrong. If you don’t believe me — give it a try. But Duncan…


Put a little piece of Rumi on your bookshelf!

Buy The Parrot and the Merchant Instagram book-lovers Nura’s Little Library wrote a fab review of The Parrot and the Merchant. Read it below! If I’m being brutally honest I’m actually not familiar at all about Rumi’s work. I know he was an important poet and scholar but I just never came around to reading his stuff. My cousin sent this for Nura so we both get to experience his writing together. The story is of…

The New Baby and Me

The New Baby and Me celebrates childrens’ creativity! – The Letterpress Project

Buy The New Baby and Me Karen Argent for The Letterpress Project has written a fantastic review of The New Baby and Me by Christine Kidney and Hoda Haddadi! Read it below! What could be more exciting than the imminent arrival of a new baby in a family? This is the positive message from the very first page of this delightful new picture book published by Tiny Owl. The cover shows a sleeping baby at…


Cinderella of the Nile is richly hued and intricately detailed! – Publishers Weekly

Buy Cinderella of the Nile U.S. based publishing journal Publishers Weekly have written a fab review of Cinderella of the Nile! American fans of Tiny Owl can get your hands on it in July. Read the review below! The ancient Mediterranean slave trade drives the plot of this 2,000-year-old legend retold by Naidoo. A girl named Rhodopis (Greek for “rosy-cheeked”) is celebrated for her beauty, but pirates know that “a girl like this could be…