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I felt proud and happy illustrating Grobblechops! – Jenny Lucander

An interview with the illustrator of Grobblechops!   Buy Grobblechops We interviewed Jenny Lucander, the illustrator of our fabulous Rumi tale Grobblechops! Jenny is an illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland. Grobblechops is her first book to be published in the U.K! We spoke to her about her inspiration, the process of creating the book, and how she feels about Grobblechops. Read the fab interview below! What was your inspiration when drawing the monster in Grobblechops?…


A ten year old reader says why they love The Drum!

Buy The Drum It makes us so happy to see children really engaging with their reading! A ten year old reader shared their thoughts on The Drum on Toppsta! Read it below! I was drawn to read this book because of the illustrations and big letters that would also attract little ones to come and read it. It’s like a song poem that flows through the whole book.  I loved the scintillating  illustrations of the animals when they…


Nicolette Jones: The story of Bijan & Manije spoke to me

Buy Bijan & Manije  Tiny Owl loves to publish timeless stories, those that have something to say to modern audiences, regardless of when they were written. Bijan & Manije is a story from the ancient Persian epic Shahnameh, written a thousand years ago. When we chose to publish Bijan & Manije with its stunning modern illustrations, we had to find a new way to communicate the story to an audience with no prior knowledge of the Shahnameh. Enter…

The Little Black Fish

The Little Black Fish celebrates integrity and independence – Kirkus Reviews

Buy The Little Black Fish Kirkus Reviews have written a fantastic review of The Little Black Fish, which is being launched in the US this spring! Read it below! Little Black Fish wants to explore beyond the small stream that is his home, but his mother and their neighbors discourage him and even make fun of his curiosity and openness to wonder. In fact, one fish before him has been killed for daring to befriend…


Diversity Now! The publishing industry “needs to be braver”!

Our campaign to promote visibility for diverse and inclusive books has got off to a flying start! Thank you to everyone who has already shown their support! To kick off the campaign, we interviewed fantastic children’s author Elizabeth Laird and great illustrator Jion Sheibani! We asked: “32% of school children are BAME, but according to Reflecting Realities survey only 1% of the children’s books published in the UK in 2017 had a BAME main character. There…