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Tiny Owl’s Thinker Puppy Poet makes a big splash at Edinburgh Book Festival!

Fab author Eloise Greenfield tells us how she found the inspiration for Jace and Thinker Buy Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me Tiny Owl recently flew to Edinburgh Book Festival to celebrate our recent books and authors! Among them was the award-winning poet Eloise Greenfield, author of Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me! We were thrilled that she came all the way from the United States so that festival-goers could enjoy fascinating insights into her work. Eloise…


Books for Topics recommend There’s Room for Everyone

Pre-order There’s Room for Everyone We are so pleased that Books for Topics have chosen There’s Room for Everyone as one of their top children’s books about refugees and immigration! Books For Topics creates lists of recommendations to help primary school staff find high quality, appropriate books on various topics. There’s Room for Everyone helps children to understand the value of peace and tolerance. It is the first in our series Hope in a Scary World. Read…


Watch a fab book trailer for fantastic new title There’s Room for Everyone

Pre-order There’s Room for Everyone We live in a scary world, surrounded by frightening news and images that even children are exposed to. We wanted to give children HOPE that that they can face the problems that they see around them, and find ways to make the world a better place. That’s why we are launching a new series! HOPE IN A SCARY WORLD aims to spread positive messages that encourage children to show compassion,…


Tiny Owl books are refreshing and lovely! – Jane Ray

An interview with illustrator and children’s author Jane Ray Visit our bookstore We like Jane Ray and she likes Tiny Owl books! She says “Tiny Owl books are wonderful! They’re so diverse, the illustrations are unusual and the colour schemes are just beautiful. I feel that what I’ve seen at Tiny Owl has its own energy, and is refreshing and lovely!” She’s one of a kind. Jane popped into our office on a hot, muggy day in…

The New Baby and Me

The New Baby and Me out NOW in paperback!

Buy The New Baby and Me  Fans of fab stories about exciting new siblings have cause to celebrate as The New Baby and Me has just been released in paperback! Five brothers all have high hopes for their new baby brother. Perhaps he will be an explorer and trek around the jungle garden. Or, he could be a scientist, spending his days creating bangs and puffs of smoke. All the brothers do know is that the new…