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Design your own monster under the bed!

Let’s make Halloween special and inspire creativity! Buy Grobblechops As Halloween draws closer and half term is upon us, we’ve put together this free, downloadable Grobblechops inspired activity sheet for parents and librarians, to help inspire all the little budding illustrators out there! While using pencils and pens can be a great way for children to begin designing their monster, it can be exciting to explore and experiment with different art materials you might have lying around.…


Great activity ideas for The Drum

Read a wonderful review and great activity ideas of The Drum by Love My Books website: Ken Wilson Max, Catell Ronca (illus) Tiny Owl The Drum is a vibrant picture book for the very young which explores body movements, rhythm and life. When the drum starts playing, people start moving. This is a book which will make toddlers and their parents want to beat out rhythms or get up and dance. Watch a trailer below. Share…


Travel anywhere freely with a Tiny Owl Passport!

Imagine if we didn’t have a need for visas. Imagine that we could travel freely from country to country, anywhere we wanted to go. As long as you were spreading peace, happiness, hope and love, there was nothing to stop you exploring the whole world! At Tiny Owl, we promote the ideas of books without borders. We believe that hope, peace, love and happiness should not have borders either. They should be places that all…

The New Baby and Me

Exciting activities for children to welcome new baby sibling home

Buy The New Baby and Me The arrival of a baby brother or sister can be a wonderful time to celebrate with children. This exciting period is something that our latest picture book, The New Baby and Me, explores. It features lovely craft activities from the illustrator, Hoda Haddadi, which parents and children can do together to welcome a new baby home. So get crafting with your children and harness the excitement of a new arrival.…


A beautifully illustrated story about generosity and kindness

Buy The Elephant’s Umbrella   Read a lovely review and list of suggested activities to do with The Elephant’s Umbrella, by the fab Love My Books. The Elephant’s Umbrella Laleh Jaffari, Ali Khodai (illus) Tiny Owl Age 3-5 The elephant is very proud of his umbrella and happy to share its shelter with the other animals. One windy day the umbrella is swept away and is found by a leopard and later a bear. These…