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My kitties remind me of Will & Nill

By Lauren Sandford* Cats are funny little creatures. Some are energetic, playful and loveable, while others would much rather be left alone to sleep for hours on end, and only ever come around looking for food (the latter is DEFINITELY my fat cat, Toby). When I was growing up, I had two outdoor kitties who were also brothers; the little orange one was named Milo, and the fluffy black one we called Bubba. They loved…


Will & Nill

Will & Nill £12.99 £5.99 (hardback) UK only PRODUCT INFO Will & Nill is an affectionate story about the natures of both cats and humans, exploring how making a little effort can go a long way. Will and Nill are very hungry cats. Nill dozes, dreaming about food, while his friend Will goes off to play hide and seek with his new friend, the sparrow. If he stays with Nill, his stomach will rumble and…