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Grobblechops is unique in its dealing with monsters!

Buy Grobblechops  We really enjoy reading reviews of our books from all over the world! Australian Bookstagrammer Kids Books We Love has written this lovely review of Grobblechops! Have a look! View this post on Instagram GROBBLECHOPS Words by Elizabeth Laird and Illustrations by Jenny Lucander & appreciate our hardback copy from @tiny_owl_publishing “Amir doesn’t want to go to bed. He’s afraid there might be a monster waiting in the dark!” “What if it has…


Grobblechops is one of the best books of 2019!

Grobblechops has been a big hit this year! Buy Grobblechops We’re ecstatic that the fantastic bookstagrammer Little Daily Librarian has featured Grobblechops in RWR Books Club’s best picture books of the year! Have a look! View this post on Instagram I am so excited to share the RWR Book Club’s picks for the best picture books of 2019! We read through piles and piles of books (a very fun job indeed ☺️) to bring you the…