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Best Test is out now!

Being the BEST is not as simple as you’d think… Buy Best Test  Happy book birthday to Best Test, out today! From the dynamic team of Pippa Goodhart and Anna Doherty, Best Test is their exciting second instalment about celebrating our talents and what makes us unique. When Bird finds a ripe, red strawberry to peck, Frog wants it too, as well as little Shrew! They decide to organise an assault course to determine who will…


Where’s Baby Elephant? is out now!

Buy Where’s Baby Elephant? Happy book birthday to Where’s Baby Elephant?, out today! Pore over Tiny Owl’s very first interactive book, where young children will love unfolding the flaps to reveal the adorable animals and their young! There’s an elephant and her calf hiding somewhere in this book – can you find them? Featuring cute, ingeniously linked illustrations by Ali Khodai, there’s a new surprise on every page. It’s perfect for introducing young children to…