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Bloom is out now!

Buy Bloom Happy book birthday to Bloom, out today! This touching book about the power of positivity is written by celebrated author Anne Booth, and illustrated by Robyn Wilson-Owen. There was once a beautiful flower and a little girl who loved it. She talked to it every morning on her way to school. The owner of the flower shouted at her. The next day, the flower did not open. The angry man didn’t understand. He…


Adults can learn a lot from children! – author Anne Booth

Read an interview with Anne Booth, author of Bloom! Buy Bloom  We were lucky enough to get a quick interview with the wonderful Anne Booth, author of our book Bloom! Here’s what she had to say about her beautiful, heartwarming story. Tell us a little bit about Bloom. ‘Bloom’ is a story about someone who won’t share something lovely , even though he has never really noticed and appreciated it himself. It’s about how someone…


Happy Persian New Year!

Buy Alive Again Buy A Bottle of Happiness After all the waiting, Norouz (Persian New Year) is finally here! If you look around you can already see the signs: flowers are blooming in all different colours, and the sun is peeking through the clouds. It makes me think of Alive Again, a book filled with rebirth and growth. It teaches us to have hope that the things we’ve come to love will return again.  Many…