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British Library loves The Phoenix of Persia!

The Phoenix of Persia focuses on the importance of forgiveness and freedom! – British Library   Buy The Phoenix of Persia   We are so excited by this fabulous review of The Phoenix of Persia by British Library! Have a read below!   The Phoenix of Persia View images from this item  (12) This picture book retells a traditional Iranian story from the Shahnameh, an epic poem written a thousand years ago. What happens in…


Caged is fascinating and intriguing!

The illustrations make Caged very intriguing!  Buy Caged  We love this great review of Caged from Instagram book blogger all the way in Sydney, Australia! Have a look! View this post on Instagram WORDLESS BOOK “Caged” “While a bluebird builds her nest in the forest, two eccentric gentlemen have a more ambitious construction in mind: a vast palatial building, made from birdcages filled with colourful parrots.” “But when the two triumphant architects stand back to…