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A mood of celebration for Ehsan Abdollahi!

Our panel event at the House of Illustration had an air of celebration about it! A 70-strong audience and six wonderful panellists came together to celebrate Tiny Owl illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi’s arrival in the UK last week, for an evening of discussion about art, borders and intercultural collaboration. The panel was chaired by Erica Jarnes, managing director of the Poetry Translation Centre. The panellists sharing the stage with Ehsan Abdollahi were illustrator James Mayhew, author…


Building Bridges of Colour not Walls of Mistrust!

Read a wonderful blog by artist Jackie Morris protesting the decision to deny a visa for Tiny Owl illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi to enter the UK. #VisaForAbdollahi   During a short holiday break, where internet access was joyfully reduced, on the occasions when a signal was achieved I discovered a disturbing story. The artist, Ehsan Abdollahi, who had been booked to speak at Edinburgh International Book Festival had been denied a visa to enter the UK. Ehsan’s…