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The Lion Tattoo; a welcome fable from Rumi

Buy The Lion Tattoo  Read a fab review of The Lion Tattoo by Books for Keeps: In this small format picture book for older readers a young man decides he wants a lion tattoo on his shoulder. He saunters to the tattooist full of bravado. But when she begins her work and he feels the pain of the needle, the young man suddenly decides that his lion does not need a tale, a mane or even a stomach.…


The Lion Tattoo; utterly delightful

Order The Lion Tattoo   Read a wonderful review of The Lion Tattoo by Read it Daddy: Tattoos – Love them or hate them, if you’ve ever had one you’ll know that you really, REALLY have to suffer for your art… The Lion Tattoo” by Rumi and Atefeh Maleki Joo kicks off with a hip and trendy young man who loves stylish shirts but REALLY loves lions. So much so that he decides it’s time to…

The Lion Tattoo

Watch The Lion Tattoo trailer now!

Buy The Lion Tattoo  What  does a lion without a tale, mane, or stomach look like? What is The Lion Tattoo and why should we read it? Find out in our fantastic book trailer. It features fab interviews with Elizabeth Laird and Atefeh Maleki Joo.  This trailer sheds light on the book and reveals The Lion Tattoo‘s place in today’s world. The Lion Tattoo is based on a tale by Rumi the 13th century philosopher and poet. One day a…


Forget chocolate, we have a better idea!

Are you prepared for valentine’s day? Yes forget roses and chocolate! Why? Roses wilt, and chocolates get eaten; the most lasting book you can give this valentine’s day is a book, or three! Love fills all our books. From the carefully crafted illustrations which are works of love, to the words of inspiration and hope which fill our books. These books are for everyone, so why not give the gift of a beautiful artwork, a…