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Quill Soup is a timely and important tale – Bellis Does Books

The illustrations are captivating and outstanding! Buy Quill Soup We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Quill Soup from Bellis Does Books! Read her review below. Published as part of Tiny Owl’s #OneStoryManyVoices range, this is a telling of the African folktale “Quill Soup”, which will also be familiar to many from the European story ‘Stone Soup’ (and likely there are other versions too!) When Noko the porcupine arrives in a village after a long…


Discover Children’s Story Centre: Quill Soup

Join Discover Story Builder Diana for a reading of Quill Soup! Buy Quill Soup  As part of our Fly with Tiny Owl series, we’ve gathered a range of read along and how-to videos from our fabulous authors and illustrators so that you can keep those little ones entertained. With school, library, and bookshop closures, and the inevitable challenges facing the whole community over the next few months, we want to make it as easy as possible…