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Make your own Paris Cat puppet theatre with Dianne Hofmeyr!

Get creative with author Dianne Hofmeyr! Buy Paris Cat Schools and families are in for a treat with this superb crafting how-to video! Join fantastic Dianne Hofmeyr, author of Paris Cat, as she shows you how to make your very own shadow puppet theatre, complete with gorgeous showstopping outfits and very convincing sound effects! Download your FREE Paris Cat activity pack here! Download: Check out these FREE Paris Cat teacher resources! Guidelines for sharing Tiny Owl…


DrawAlong with Dunja Jogan for Edinburgh Book Festival!

DrawAlong with Felix After the Rain creator Dunja Jogan! Buy Felix After the Rain Don’t miss out on Dunja Jogan’s beautiful DrawAlong event with Edinburgh International Book Festival on Sunday 30th August at 9.30am! Get creative as Dunja shows you how to create a dramatic scene from her gorgeous uplifting book Felix After the Rain. As Dunja says “You are the artist – have fun!” It is being streamed via Facebook. Check it out here.…