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Discover fun Where’s Baby Elephant? activities!

Young children will love discovering all the different animals! Buy Where’s Baby Elephant? Young children will love unfolding the flaps to reveal the adorable animals and their babies, in this fun interactive book. Explore Ali Khodai’s clever and creative book even further with our activity pack for early learners! Download a complete Where’s Baby Elephant? activity pack here! Visit our bookstore Download book posters Limited edition prints Subscribe to Tiny Owl on YouTube!


Super Fair Shares activity ideas from Lovemybooks!

Wonderful activity suggestions for Fair Shares! Buy Fair Shares Wonderful reading website Love My Books has shared some terrific activities for children to enrich their reading of Fair Shares! Check them out below. Pippa Goodhart, illus Anna Doherty Tiny Owl Age 3-7 The pear tree is full of fruit which both Hare and Bear are eager to eat. Unfortunately, neither of them can reach. Hare comes up with a plan and gets chairs to climb…


Discover fun The Snowman and the Sun activities!

Buy The Snowman and the Sun  The Snowman and the Sun is a simple and charming story that teaches young children about the water cycle. We’ve put together an activity pack for your little ones to enrich their reading. From a rain experiment, to creating your own snow, and identifying clouds, there’s lots to keep those budding geographers busy! Download a complete The Snowman and the Sun activity pack here! Visit our bookstore Download book posters Limited…