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Video: lose yourself in a child’s musings with A Rainbow in my Pocket

Do you remember the kind of curious thoughts you had as a child? Did you muse on nature, people, and what you were having for dinner, all at once? Or have you been enchanted by a child of your own having these whimsical thoughts? Now you can do so again: watch the introductory video for A Rainbow in my Pocket! There are so many questions and thoughts that chase through your mind! Why is the…


Books to capture the spirit of summer!

Tiny Owl’s book recommendations for the summer The school holidays are approaching, and with them (hopefully) more good weather! In these blissful weeks when children have more free time, it’s an ideal opportunity to encourage them to keep reading for pleasure. At Tiny Owl we have plenty of books that encapsulate the spirit of summer, perfect for reading outside in the sunshine! Will and Nill Two cats lazing around in the sun: an iconic image…


Reading is about sharing #bookgivingday

By Lauren Sandford* I love reading. I’ve always loved reading, for as long as I can remember. It is, quite frankly, a very difficult feeling to describe. Reading is an escape, a route to disappear from reality for a while between the pages of a hardback cover, tucked in the corner of the library or on your living room sofa. What about the arrival, though? Reading provides a destination, the story an exciting journey worth…

The New Baby and Me

Young at heart: an interview with Hoda Haddadi

Hoda Haddadi is a creative illustrator still young at heart. Her work has been published internationally, receiving numerous awards from Iran to Japan. I still haven’t grown up that much. Although, I’ve aged, my desires, the things I love, my thoughts and dreams are very close to my childhood. Many of them are as real as they used to be in those days. Hoda has a wonderfully unique collage approach, using organic material, cloth and a range of…