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Tiny Owl’s Children & Poetry campaign continues

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Poetry can have a profound and almost magical effect on people. One line of a poem can transport us to somewhere else entirely. Writing and reading poetry can help children develop empathy skills, aid literacy, and is fun! With the launch of our latest poetry book Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me we have started a campaign to explore ways that we can encourage children to get involved with poetry. If you’re a parent, teacher or poetry lover then we hope that this campaign will help inspire you to bring amazing poetry to children.

We contacted children’s poets and experts and asked them:

How can we encourage children to discover and embrace poetry for themselves?

We have a fantastic response from Sue Hardy-Dawson

Sue Hardy- Dawson

Children sense enthusiasm and love the things we love 

Sue Hardy-Dawson

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence I became a poet, I grew up surrounded by poetry. My father knew by heart many wonderful poems. When he was young most people had party pieces, his were all poems. ‘The Highway Man’, ‘Ozymandias’, ‘Night Mail’, ‘Tiger, Tiger’, ‘Cargoes’ and passages from ‘Hiawatha’ to name a few. Long before understanding the words I loved their musicality. He had a beautiful voice and clearly loved and was enthusiastic about poetry. So surround children with poetry just as we do songs. Children sense enthusiasm and learn to value the things we adults value and love.

Sue Hardy-Dawson a Yorkshire born poet, artist, and illustrator, is widely published in children’s poetry anthologies.

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