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The best ways you can support small independent publishers like Tiny Owl!

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The current global situation has had an adverse effect on everyone’s lives and businesses. Small businesses have had to become more creative in how they conduct marketing and interact with their customers. In the publishing industry, it is so important to support smaller diverse publishers who do not have the same resources and capital as The Big Five! There are so many ways you as a reader/parent/teacher/librarian can help small independent publishers like us!

Share! Share! Share!

Word of mouth is an amazing thing! Without the luxury of being able to browse in bookshops for hours and discover new books, publishers rely on word of mouth to get their books into readers’ hands. Recommending books from indie publishers can be invaluable to their progression in the industry! Follow your favourite small publishers on social media and share their books. Gift their books to friends so they can discover a new collection of stories they may not have found otherwise.

Buy the Supply!

Buying books straight from small publishers benefits both you and the publisher! Publishers will get more of the profits than they would if the book was bought from big organisations. Buyers will also get savings and deals when buying directly. Tiny Owl has great book bundles which allow readers to get beautiful books at discounted prices. It’s win-win!

If you want to support more than just the publisher, buying from local independent bookshops is a great way to do so! Your support of local businesses at this time could be the catalyst for their survival.

Rate, Request, Review!

Wherever you have picked up your new books, be sure to leave reviews and rate the books! On big shopping sites, books with lots of positive reviews and high ratings are more likely to show up in other users’ searches! By leaving comments, you as a buyer will be helping small publishers to reach the front page of these sites. You can also request that local libraries carry books from independent publishers. This will allow diverse stories to be shared with so many new readers.

Small independent publishers are integral to the survival of the diverse, creative and influential publishing industry they have helped create. Your support for Tiny Owl over the last few months has not gone unnoticed and we are so appreciative of each and every one of you. Let’s keep the support going!

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