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The summer holidays are officially underway and the next few weeks are the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the many benefits of reading.

A child that reads is a child with an eagerness to learn, gain knowledge and explore new worlds. Each book can unlock a new part of their imagination and introduce them to cultures they wouldn’t be aware of otherwise.

At Tiny Owl Publishing, we believe that introducing children to new cultures and traditions is one of the most valuable rewards from reading. We translate the cream of the crop of global literature for a UK audience and hope to offer them a different representation and side to cultures they may have never seen represented anywhere else but via the news.

The Little Black Fish


The Little Black Fish is possibly Iran’s most famous children’s story. Little Black Fish may be small, but he has big questions and a determination to find answers to them. While his fellow fish are too scared to do anything different from their set routine, Little Black Fish swims over the edge of the pool, into the stream and river which will show him much more of the world. He meets wonders and adventures, dangers and beauty. He makes it all the way to the sea, and finds his answers. Even though he doesn’t survive to tell his own story, here it is being told to another generation, and the inspiration of it is passed on.

What can the child learn? The importance to go your own way, believe in yourself and never be afraid to be different

The Clever Mouse

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A story about a mouse who is rather too pleased with his own cleverness. When he realises his own foolishness, he learns what he needs to become wise and happy.

What can the child learn? That when it comes to love and relationships, the most important thing is kindness and love is more important than appearances.

The Boy that Cried Wolf

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‘Wolf, wolf, wolf!’ shouts the bored shepherd boy, then he laughs at his neighbours who come running. there is no wolf, and he’s fooled them! But what will happen when a wolf really does come prowling after the sheep?

What can the child learn? The famous lesson from the fable is that no one will believe a liar.

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