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Ehsan Abdollahi’s workshop materials

Add some creativity into your children’s summer holidays! This week in London, Ehsan Abdollahi, illustrator of When I Coloured In the World, will be running arts and crafts workshops for children.

A child uses crayons to colour and change the world, making it a kinder, more hopeful place. Boredom gives way to play, darkness to light, drought to rain, crying to laughter, and much more. When I Coloured The World is a beautiful portrayal of Ahmedreza Ahmadi’s poem about hope and change.

At Parasol unit on 9th and 11th August, children can use hand-coloured paper to create passports of peace and hope. Ehsan will use the poem as a springboard to explore how you might change the world – and what colours you would use to do it!

Tickets are £2 per child, and can be booked here.


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