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Yesterday, we had a wonderful children’s book reading and arts exercise by the outstanding writer and illustrator of two of our favourite Tiny Owl books, “The Orange House” and “Alive Again”. Nahid Kazemi had joined us all the way from Montreal, Canada to do lead this charming event with the kids and community at the Pimlico Public Library.

Nahid Kazemi reading The Orange House for children

The children attending the event ranged in age from 4-10 years old. The reading of the two stories by Nahid was a hit, especially when the kids knew that Nahid was the actual writer and ‘painter’ of the beautiful and interesting illustrations in the books. After the reading, the art exercise led by Nahid was such an enjoyable and crafty time that the adults joined in the fun.

Nahid helping children make their own “house”

The children were told to use the scraps of material that Nahid had provided, including parts of fabric, feathers, dried leaves and other fun pieces to make a ‘house’ on paper.

Some of the children’s artworks at Nahid’s event in London

The kids showed super creativity, making houses from the colourful material – some were awesomely abstract and others were beautifully real. In the end, the Tiny Owl team had to choose 2 art works that were the best… but they were all so great, and all the kids were so proud of their unique creativity (as inspired by our expert artist, Nahid) that it was hard to choose just 2… So the team did a draw and two of the little guests, Aved and Elisa ‘won’ the prize! Two “The Orange House” books!

Winners of the event: Aved and Elisa

A lovely time on this special occasion! See you at our next public reading of one of Tiny Owl’s books.

See a photo gallery of this event here.

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