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Anahita with copies of The Clever Mouse in Italian, English and Complex Chinese

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Last week we received amazing Simplified Chinese versions of Anahita Teym A Bird Like Himself, written and illustrated by Anahita Teymorian. Anahita’s other book for Tiny Owl, The Clever Mouse, has also been translated into Italian and Complex Chinese. It’s so encouraging to see this lovely stories spread across the globe, and be read by people all around the world. These translations have inspired Anahita to write these lovely words which you can read below:

Oh! how wonderful it is to put the kettle on and relax, while your stories travel far around the world. Then, when they return home, they come and sit beside you. You sip your tea, as they tell you where they have gone, the amazing adventures they have seen, and whose excited eyes have read them. Our stories have long long legs.


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