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Stop the Clock is a reflective and powerful story about time! – Check ‘Em Out Books

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Stop the Clock hasn’t even hit its official publication date, and already the positive reviews are pouring in! Read a great one from Check ‘Em Out Books below!


Stop the Clock! by Pippa Goodhart & Maria Christania

And, whoosh, slam, Mum, Joe and Poppy were out of the house, hurrying, worrying, and scurrying along the road. “Run, Joe, you’re being too slow,” said Mum. “We’re going to be late.” “Waaaaaa!” wailed Poppy. They got to school just in time.

On his dash to school, Joe is missing all the exciting things happening around him. In school, Mr Khan, the teacher, asks everyone to draw everything they saw on their way to school. Joe decides he must stop time to examine everything he saw and figure out why his sister was crying so much.

I can definitely relate to the start of Stop the Clock! with how Joe, Poppy and their mum start their day – early mornings to school can be quite stressful! However, this thought-provoking story really makes you rethink how you want to spend your time and energy. For Joe, being told to draw his walk to school makes him realise that actually he’s rushing through the day without properly considering the world around him. When everything locked down in March 2020, it was amazing the nature that emerged and how we all appreciated what was around us; at the time, we vowed to not lose this moment but yet, as the world has begun opening up again, we’ve very quickly forgotten this. Reading Stop the Clock! made me reflective about how busy life is again but it’s so crucial to be reflective and not miss those smaller moments which are equally important.

While the theme of this book is so important today, it’s the illustrations which are stunning and give this story such depth. I loved the darker colours initially used and then seeing Joe’s eyes widen when time stops and how colour is used. There’s also such detail in these illustrations- my 6 year old and I loved exploring what we can see, especially within the windows of people living on the street.

For a reflective, powerful story about time and making the most of opportunities then don’t miss Stop the Clock! Like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, you’ll realise you won’t get this time back so enjoy and appreciate every moment.

Suggested reading age: 4+

Stop the Clock! is written and illustrated by Pippa Goodhart and Maria Christania. It will be published on 3rd February 2022 by Tiny Owl. Head over to their website here and preorder your copy now!


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