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Stop the Clock has a kind and thoughtful message for us all! – A Library Lady

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Stop the Clock is a thought provoking book, that encourages us to take our time and notice the details around us! Read a review below!

Stop the Clock! by Pippa Goodhart illustrated by Maria Christania

Inspired by the first lockdown in Spring 2020 this thought provoking book encourages us to take our time and notice the details around us. Those little things that in reality are the things we should cherish.

Joe’s day has not got off to the best start. A typical school morning of “hurrying, worrying and scurrying,” it is a scenario familiar to many. Despite Mum’s best efforts Joe is late for school, he’s in such a rush he doesn’t notice his little sister is crying. In the classroom there is not enough time for Joe to finish the picture he is taking such care over. Then Joe stops the clock! Now he can see things more clearly, he notices what is happening around him and by slowing things down Joe appreciates his world more.

Stop the Clock is cleverly created with the text and illustrations working together to convey the story’s important message. At first Joe stands out as a colourful character on the page surrounded by the grey blur of his life. When Joe take control and stops the clock he fades in importance in the pictures as the world around him comes into colourful focus. Each page is full of detail for children to explore and talk about. There are stories within the story. Where are those people on the bus going? There are people moving house, a baby posting a letter, a beggar holding a friendly dog. All of them can be elaborated upon and discussed. Pippa Goodhart invites the reader to look at the clues hidden in the buildings to work out who lives there and the many windows provide tantalising glimpses of life within.

This is a lovely picture book that highlights the importance of those little moments we share with people every day. Special moments shared not only with our families and school friends, but with our neighbours and those in our communities. A kind and thoughtful message for us all.

I should like to thank the publisher for my review copy. Stop the Clock by Pippa Goodhart and Maria Christania was published on 3rd February by Tiny Owl Publishing and can be purchased online at Bookshop.

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