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A podcast on fairy tales and the Cinderella story, featuring Jack Zipes, Beverley Naidoo, and Ann Lazim

From left to right: Ann Lazim, Beverley Naidoo, Jack Zipes

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Last week at The Principal Hotel London something magical occurred! In a collaboration between CLPE, IBBY UK, and us, Tiny Owl, Ann Lazim, the librarian at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) spoke to Beverley Naidoo and Jack Zipes about fairy tales and our series One Story, Many Voices  which explores well-known stories told from different cultural perspectives from around the world. Beverley Naidoo is a Carnegie award-winning South African author and activist, and, of course, the author behind the first book in our series: Cinderella of the Nile. Jack Zipes is an American academic who has written, translated, and researched fairy tales; an international expert on the subject.

Ann, Beverley, and Jack discussed the magic of fairy tales; what makes a fairy tale a fairy tale; and why certain stories are kept alive, while others fade into oblivion. Listen to the podcast below to explore the exciting magic of the very stories that we all grow up with:



A special thanks to Ann Lazim, Beverley Naidoo, Jack Zipes, CLPE, IBBY UK, Thomas Duncan, and The Principal Hotel London. Without you this fantastic podcast would never have been made. 

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