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Chalk Eagle will strike a chord with all those with imaginations!

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We’re delighted with this fantastic review of Chalk Eagle from Wordless Books over on Instagram! Have a look!

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Chalk Eagle (2018) by Nazli Tahvili. At its heart, this wordless story by an Iranian artist centres around a little boy’s imagination and his longing to fly. It was inspired by a memory of Tahvili’s husband, who liked to draw chalk eagles on the rooftop of his childhood home and who also dreamt of flying. Together with his friend the cat, the boy in the story draws a chalk eagle of his own, and later a chalk boy to climb onto its back. Eagle and boy soar above the ocean, across snow-covered mountain tops, and over a vast city skyscape. Nazli Tahvili’s vivid silkscreen illustrations are made in varying shades of blue, green and white, and in a variety of textures. She says her inspiration for the colours came from the environment that surrounds her studio in her native Iran, which has expansive blue sky and rich green rice fields. This story of flying, with all its connotations of freedom, discovery and adventure, is almost certainly a dream shared with many children across the world. It should strike a chord with all those whose imaginations long to soar above the everyday. #NazliTahvili #illustration #wordlesspicturebook #childrensliterature #wordlessbooks #picturebooks #iran #chalkeagle

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  • Chalk Eagle chosen for the IBBY Italia Silent Books Honours List
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