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As an adopted child, I knew that I was wanted & loved because of the picture books my mum read to me.

Lindsey Jones

By Lindsey Jones*

Ever since I was little, my mother always read to me.  As a mother should, she strived to be very close with me.  In my mind, I think she tried her hardest because I was adopted and oftentimes it is very difficult for children who are adopted to become close to their adoptive parents.  However, she was all I ever knew from the time I was little and I was brought up knowing I was adopted and knowing that I was wanted and loved.  I knew this not only because she told me, but because of the picture books that she read to me on a nightly basis.

Not only did I grow closer to my mother because of how often she read to me but I learned so much from these books.  Important life lessons and how to read.  When I was going through school, I was always ahead a few years of everyone else in terms of how well I could read. I see students nowadays who hate to read, not because they don’t enjoy stories, but because they don’t know how to read well.  I think that it’s important for parents to read to children every night because of this simple fact.  So many books stay close to me because of the fact that my mother read to me so often and I love to read because of it.

Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

One of the books that I think any parent should share with their child is Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird.  Wonderfully crafted by Parviz Kalantari, this book provides both beautiful, vivid illustrations and a captivating lesson.  A girl named Tahmineh sees the most beautiful bird and wants to keep it forever but learns from her mother that in order to keep things happy and beautiful, they must be allowed their freedom.  Not only does this provide a great message about the pets that we may or may not keep, but a lesson for both parents and children in growing up; we must understand that little boys and girls do not stay little forever and have to be allowed their freedom and independence so they can blossom in the world.

*Lindsey Jones used to be an intern at Tiny Owl

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