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Lockdown activities for kids

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On those chilly winter days, we know you and your family will be looking for ways to keep the children entertained. These winter sensory activities – inspired by The Snowman and the Sun – are a great way for little ones to burn off that energy, as we spend more time at home!

Sensory activities

Our senses help us take in the world. Snow is a brilliant way to really explore, and discuss, the different senses. Below you’ll find some great focus questions to get started.

  • What does the snow feel like in your fingers? How does in change?
  • How does the snow feel under your feet?
  • What happens if you pack the snow tightly together in your hands?
  • How does snow change your surroundings?
  • What does snow smell like?
  • Can you hear anything similar or different when out walking in the snow?

Download an activity sheet here


Snow obstacle course

Why not look around the house for some creative objects to create an obstacle course in the snow? Little ones can practice their balance, speed and imagination using items such as plastic containers, hoops, and cardboard.

Please note that this activity could be slippy, so make sure the area is safe to play in, and little ones are wearing shoes with grip. 


Winter scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are an exciting way to get children exploring their surroundings, and enjoying their daily walks in the fresh air.

Download a checklist here


Counting activities

If you’re looking for more ways to make your daily walks a little more exciting, why not take a look at our fun outdoor counting activities?

These are great way for little ones to practice their counting, and their ability to recall shapes and their properties.

Download a snow-inspired counting activity here



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