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The Elephant’s Umbrella

It’s been a wet and windy start to 2017 so we have all had our ‘brollies’ out this week! But have you ever heard of a talking umbrella? We’re celebrating the launch of our latest title The Elephant’s Umbrella which will be published at the end of this month – a perfect story for this season’s wet weather!

Imagine if your umbrella could talk. Or even choose its owner. Would it choose you? A gust of wind separates Elephant and Umbrella on a wet and windy day in the jungle. As Umbrella blows through the jungle, it meets Leopard and Bear. But they are not like Elephant. Leopard just wants to hunt and Bear only wants to eat honey. Bear and Leopard are really very selfish. Umbrella wants to return home to Elephant. Elephant knows how to share…and sharing feels good.


The Elephant’s Umbrella

This heart-warming tale, full of opportunities for discussion, celebrates the value of generosity and how sharing can make you happy. Ali Khodai’s vibrant illustrations bring the jungle to life and the animals shine brightly out of the wet, green foliage. Leopard and Bear, whilst very selfish, are charming characters that you feel just need a good talking to! Perhaps gentle, kind and sharing Elephant has some lessons to teach them…

The Elephant’s Umbrella is written by Iranian author Laleh Jaffari, illustrated by Ali Khodai and translated by Azita Rassi. Khodai has won many national awards in Iran and we are delighted to be sharing his work with you.


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